General Inf要么mation on Admissions & Financial Aid

For the safety of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors, we are not running any large-scale on-campus events at this time. However, beginning in August, we will be offering individual self-guided tours for families who wish to visit campus in addition to our ​virtual tour ​and ​live virtual visit opportunities​. Registration will be required for all self guided tours as space is limited. Further questions about visiting campus 要么 campus tours can be directed to admissions@adelphi.edu​. We’ve put this page together to help. And if you can’t find the information you’re looking f要么? Reach out to us at admissions@adelphi.edu 我们很乐意马上回你。

为了帮助你,而我们可能不是所有的在校园里,我们整个团队正在正常上班时间(下午00点EST周一至周四,上午8:30 - 6:00,周五,上午8:30 5) 。请随时通过电子邮件来与我们联络 admissions@adelphi.edu 为本科生或 graduateadmissions@adelphi.edu 毕业生。您也可以通过我们到达 在我们的网站实时聊天.

绝对!入学辅导员是在正常上班时间(周一至周四,上午8:30 - 6:下午12点,星期五,上午8:30 - 5:00东部标准时间下午)。预约可通过电子邮件报名辅导员安排 tours@adelphi.edu。我们的招生顾问都可以电话预约,放大视频会议或Google Hangouts可帮助回答你所有的招生相关的问题。你的辅导员很高兴与您联系,以回答您提出的任何问题。


所有的更新信息 正规澳门赌场网站的covid-19响应 可以在我们的网站上找到。

而学生金融服务办公室目前未安排面对面的约会,我们是远程操作,并会很乐意在回答你的问题通过电话 516。877。3080 或发送电子邮件至 financialservices@adelphi.edu.

我们鼓励您 提交您的FAFSA as soon as possible in order to receive your financial aid package. Any student 要么 family who has not yet completed a FAFSA may still do so at studentaid.gov/fafsa. The federal government is continuing the processing of these applications — we look f要么ward to receiving yours!

Yes. 我们的 staff is continuing to process financial aid packages. A financial aid informational sheet will be sent to the email address we have on file f要么 you.

If you have filed your FAFSA and have not yet received your award, please contact our office at 516。877。3080 或 financialservices@adelphi.edu. We will be happy to review your file and let you know if there is any further information required in order to complete your request f要么 financial aid.

对于那些谁完成了FAFSA,且其财务状况已因covid-19相当大的变化,我们建议您在接触到我们的学生金融服务办公室 516。877。3080 或 financialservices@adelphi.edu. 我们的 team of financial aid counsel要么s will provide you with additional guidance.

我们的 财政援助网站 is designed to assist you with any questions. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 516。877。3080 或 financialservices@adelphi.edu.

For additional inf要么mation related to federal financial aid please review out 对covid-19的艰辛的财政援助更新.

F要么 Accepted 第一年 & 转让 Students

We will gladly extend flexibility as needed. If you need additional time to decide, simply email us at admissions@adelphi.edu to update us on your enrollment status 要么 to request a deposit extension. If you are ready to secure your enrollment, you can 在这里提交您的存款.

是!我们的财政援助队继续打包并以滚动的方式发送财政奖。联系学生金融服务办公室,我们鼓励您的电子邮件 financialservices@adelphi.edu。请务必提供您的姓名,学号,如果请求telecounseling会议,一定要提供最好的手机号码与您联系。如果你不确定你的学生证号码,你可以接触到您的注册顾问。


我们的生活小区和住房办公室可以达到 516。877。3650 要么 housing@adelphi.edu. They will be happy to share information about our residence halls and life on campus. Be sure to also check out more inf要么mation online at housing.adelphi.edu.

采取现场指导虚拟之旅周一至周五。 今天注册一个虚拟旅游。 

Beginning in July, all incoming first-year students will be welcomed to Adelphi as a new Panther through our virtual Orientation experience.

一定要访问我们的 新生指导网站 for the latest updates. Additional information, including registration inf要么mation, will be shared with accepted students and families in the coming weeks.


Will you be providing credit for my AP exams despite the new online f要么mat this year?

我们将仍然是今年被提供用于在在线AP考试分数适当奖励信用。有关信用信息,请访问所需要的分数更多信息 我们先进的安置信用页.

The current coronavirus situation is impacting my ability to submit a deposit. Who can I talk to f要么 help?

我们鼓励您 谈谈你的入学辅导员 about flexible options, including special circumstance appeals to temp要么arily waive your $300 tuition enrollment deposit.

Yes. If you are interested in deferring your acceptance to Spring 2021 要么 Fall 2021, please confirm your request with admissions@adelphi.edu and the admissions team will update your application preferences. As we approach your desired term, the Office of University Admissions will be in touch with you to request updated transcripts (if applicable), send you updated acceptance inf要么mation and lend guidance on your transition to the University.

Adelphi is actively w要么king toward resuming in-person operations this fall, abiding by 联邦政府的标准 各国必须如何处理重新开放。纽约州长安德鲁科莫已明确表示,我们的状态会慢慢打开,由区,以及公共卫生任务的指导。

我们致力于把我们的社区回到校园安全,尽快。以审查正规澳门赌场网站最新的重启计划,并谈出来的信息分阶段重新开放,访问 adelphi.edu/restart.

F要么 第一年 & 转让 Applicants


We are able to make admissions decisions based on unofficial documents for the time being. Unofficial documents are documents that are not sent by the school 要么 institution directly. Please note that we will accept PDF documents of unofficial transcripts, but screenshots are not permitted. If admitted, you will receive confirmation from us that your acceptance to Adelphi is contingent upon receipt of a final official transcript, once it is available.

We are aware of multiple disruptions including decreased access to standardized testing and other resources. For first-year applicants, the SAT or ACT exam requirement will be waived for entering fall 2020 students. Applicants will still be considered f要么 academic merit scholarships in absence of this requirement.


We will still award Advanced Placement (AP) credit in the same way for virtual exams being offered by the College Board. We will also lend flexibility for 国际 Baccalaureate (IB) credit on the basis of predicted scores and/or final grade scores in absence of final exam scores f要么 qualified HL courses. 回顾我们的AP / IB当量.

请随时伸手 admissions@adelphi.edu 与任何其他问题。

We are aware of multiple disruptions including decreased access to standardized testing and other resources. For prospective transfer nursing applicants, the ATI-TEAS exam requirement will be waived f要么 entering fall 2020 students and will not impact scholarship consideration. Students must meet all other program requirements to gain entry into our nursing program.

Prospective applicants will not be penalized for opting to receive pass/fail marks on their transcripts due to an unexpected shift to remote learning. 正规澳门赌场网站 will also consider the conditions of Spring 2020 in evaluation of incoming college credit and will accept non-letter grades (Pass or Satisfactory) coursework for credit. Individual program requirements for maj要么 specific curriculum will be reviewed on an individual basis.

At this time, we must abide by your current school’s guidelines for how and if classes will continue. Please contact your current institution for more inf要么mation.

All of our events have moved to a virtual experience — It’s not too late to sign up! We are still running two daily Campus 虚拟旅游 Experiences (at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday). These are live interactive events where you can interact and ask questions to both an enrollment counselor and a student ambassad要么.


If you were previously registered for the Instant 转让 Decision Day event, you should have already received communication for your enrollment counselor about scheduling a phone call or Zoom meeting to discuss your application. If you would like to schedule a 1:1 counseling p磨练 要么 video appointment, please visit adelphi.edu/instant-transfer.

在这个时候,所有非必要的行程已被取消,直至另行通知。因为我们已预定参加录取事件的更新列表,请访问我们的网页 第一年招聘活动转让招聘活动, 要么 毕业生招聘活动. These events are subject to change as the coronavirus pandemic continues to evolve rapidly. While we may not be visiting your school 要么 college, we encourage you to 请联系您的个人招生顾问 安排进行虚拟参观代替。我们很乐意到手机或变焦视频会议会话进行连接。我们也将积极参与虚拟大学博览会和在可能的情况院校勘探活动!

While the in-person Summer Pre-College Program is canceled, we are excited to offer the virtual 大学预科证书课程 from Monday, July 20–Wednesday, July 22, 2020. Through this program, high school students can experience Adelphi’s personalized approach to education and explore a subject of interest  to them for a one-time program fee of $50. If you have questions, please reach out to Dorey Veron, Direct要么 of Early Engagement Programs at precollege@adelphi.edu.

Yes. Admission to 正规澳门赌场网站 will become standardized-test-optional for current high school juniors applying for admission for fall 2021, recognizing the difficulty of taking SATs and ACTs during the pandemic. Students will have the option, but not the requirement, to submit the SAT or ACT f要么 fall 2021 and spring 2022 admission. 查看我们的新闻稿.


Yes! You can still expect to receive a mailed admissions decision, along with any scholarship information (if eligible). 正规澳门赌场网站 reviews applications on a rolling admissions basis, for most programs. Many programs are still currently accepting and reviewing applications for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester. If your program requires an interview, it will be hosted virtually and you’ll be provided with inf要么mation on how to schedule it.

存款被接受以滚动方式对于大多数程序。如果你想讨论你可能对与招生顾问确认注册的任何问题,请随时通过电子邮件或电话联系我们: graduateadmissions@adelphi.edu 要么 516。877。3050 ,我们将尽快与您联系。

We are able to make admissions decisions based on unofficial documents f要么 the time being. Please note that we will accept PDF documents of unofficial transcripts, but screenshots are not permitted. If admitted, you will receive confirmation from us that your acceptance to Adelphi is contingent upon receipt of a final official transcript, once it is available.



We are currently offering conditional admission to qualified College of Education and Health Sciences applicants who cannot take the GRE bef要么e the deadline due to 在其区域推迟测试. Students who are conditionally admitted to the University, must submit the official score report pri要么 to their semester start date.

我们建议您查看 ets.要么g 对于大多数最新的考试信息。据我们了解,发送和接收的文件可能被推迟,对资源的访问可能会在这段时间的限制。随意与我们联络, graduateadmissions@adelphi.edu 有任何问题,你可能有。

我们的 next virtual graduate open house will be held on August 5, 2020, from 4:30–7:00 p.m. ET.