A special invitation to stay part of the Adelphi community of educators, thought leaders, administrators, faculty and friends.

Welcome to 正规澳门赌场网站金, a new benefits program for former Adelphi employees with 10-plus years of service. This program was created to advance the intellectual and creative interests of our members, to provide you with opportunities for service to the University and to the wider community, to maintain your health and social connections with University colleagues, friends and community partners, and to offer you a valuable forum for commentary on issues of broad public interest.

In short, to help you stay involved with Adelphi and all we do.

Membership is limited to those who:

  • Were full-time Adelphi employees for 10-plus years
  • Left Adelphi in good standing or retired

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Access to an 正规澳门赌场网站金 email address
  • Access to recreation and fitness through discounted rates for the Adelphi Adult Fitness Program and the CRS Membership Program
  • Lecture and guest speaker opportunities
  • Discounts to off-campus and on-campus events, such as performances at the 正规澳门赌场网站 Performing Arts Center and Spirit Weekend, at discount rates
  • Access to University 图书馆 and library databases
  • 训练, if desired, in the use of social media to stay connected to Adelphi, family and friends
  • Eldercare resources, referral for eldercare, if requested

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Your support makes a difference in the Adelphi Community. We're focused on transforming the lives of individuals now and in the future, and every gift counts, no matter the size.

Adelphi reserves the right to rescind 正规澳门赌场网站金 privileges for any behavior which is deemed inappropriate, at the sole discretion of Adelphi. Please note the Emeritus 学院 Program is a separate effort. 学院 members who retire with the rank of Professor or University Professor and who have been full-time faculty at Adelphi for at least seven years will be granted the rank of Professor Emeritus. Please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Adelphi University and the 正规澳门赌场网站 Chapter, American Association of University Professors for complete information.