College of Professional and Continuing Studies

College of Professional and Continuing Studies

A place for you to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to excel—no matter your age, background or experience. Online or on campus, welcome.


The COVID-19 pandemic put emergency expertise into focus.


应用ing to college after leaving the military, or while still active, is a monumental decision. As a U.S. 新闻 & World Report 最好的大学 for Veterans, we can help.


Is Adelphi the right fit for you?

You may be starting or continuing your college degree, or maybe you’re changing careers and are also busy with your family and community commitments. If you’re that type of student, the College of Professional and Continuing Studies was created and developed specifically for you.

Programs for Nontraditional Students

You know what you’re looking for in a degree, and you need a program that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re taking your first step or are an experienced professional, we have flexible programs for you.

Turn Experience Into Credits‎

Whether you already have credits from another college or have specialized skills from other life experiences, our advisors will evaluate your ability to demonstrate your college-level knowledge to help you complete your degree faster and at less expense.

社会审计 Program

You can audit courses at 正规澳门赌场网站 for a reduced fee. We have classes in fields like literature, the social sciences, and history that are open to folks who never want their education to end. There’s no grade attached when auditing a course—it’s all about your own personal enrichment. Let us help you become a better you.

Awards & Recognition